The bar every handle where one day is ended

Bar tee in the center of town in Kumamoto. The store where even a customer of a group has a reputation from 1 person by the atmosphere at which he gets settled. The price is reasonable and also fully equipped with karaoke. Please drop in any time.


Business hours: The moon-earth 19:30-following 3:00 (last 2:30)

19:00-following 1:00 (last 00:30)

Seat: Counter 8 seat 22 seats of table :Box seat
TEL : 096-324-6131
An address: 5-20, Anseimachi, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Ansei building 1F


The socializing place where that place is an adult when a door of BAR Tee is opened, Including single malt, whiskey, it’s treated variously and I’m preparing it for beer, wine, sake, distilled spirits and an authentic cocktail. BAR where even one person or a lady can drop in at a wind-up on the 1st casually

A representative Norio Murai.